Come and have a go…

Did you know that between each bone of your spine there is a spongy disc filled with fluid that acts like a shock absorber. Cushioning the impact of every step you take.

BUT there’s a big design flaw, there’s no automatic system to refill the fluid. And no fluid, = no cushioning. In this week’s yoga classes we’re working on backbends and extending the front of the body and the movements will safely squash and squeeze and refresh the fluid in those essential discs.

As always in Iyengar yoga you’ll work in a mindful way within your unique capabilities. Why not come and have a go…

Published by

Jo Cook

I am an Iyengar yoga teacher based near Cockermouth, Cumbria. I previously ran a studio in Bingley, West Yorkshire, England. I teach Iyengar classes for adults.